My first android game is now available on google play!

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Game development was my dream since I started programming. I was planning to make a game for long time. Finally I made a game last year and published it on google play. You can download the game from this link.

As this is my first game my intention was not to work on unique idea, rather than I invested time on finding a very simple game which will be easy to play and will have simple graphics which I can create easily. According to my plan I started searching on google play and found some games. Among those games I chose this word puzzle game. At the beginning I thought this will not take much time to build this game but in reality it actually took much more time than I expected. It is also true that I couldn’t give my full effort for this game because I do a full time job as a software engineer. So, I made this game in my leisure time and I didn’t set a timeline for it.

I love programming and I always try to experiment new things. I started several projects and most of those I couldn’t complete because after solving complex parts I got demotivated and started new things. But this time I was determined that I will make this game complete and finally I made it after five months long journey.

For this game I have used libgdx – a free and open source framework for game development and for drawing sprites I have used inkscape. I have a plan to make some videos where I will share how I have made this game. Hope to see you soon :).

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